Everyone wants their child to be the best they can be, so that they may grow up to be productive and dependable members of society. We at Guardian Mixed Martial Arts can help you and your child in your jouney. We focus on several aspects of your child's behavior that have a lifelong impact.

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We look at a child’s self-esteem like a shield. It can be raised or lowered at any time of their choosing. It can be raised to protect them from doubt, anxiety, danger and negativity. Or, it can be lowered to let those same feelings and situations harm them. The earlier a child’s shield of self-esteem is created, the better. But it is never too late, we say.


Parent’s tell us all the time how they want their kids to listen more, stop having outbursts, do as they’re told and so on. Self-discipline is a learned behavior. It doesn’t come “with the package” of a child. Lacking self-discipline and self-control could have a very harmful effect for your child in the real world after they leave the safety of your home. However, there are methods to instill this self-control.

Dealing With Bullies

We’ve all been there, whether it be in the bathrooms at school, the streets outside or even in your own home. Kids will always pick on and bully other kids. If not handled correctly, a bullied child can produce some very real and serious issues that are carried throughout their life. However, you can use these trying times to teach your child some very important life lessons that they can carry with them forever.

Dealing With Your Bully Child

No parent wants to think that their child is a bully, but the fact is every bully has parents or guardians. Bullies generally have poor social skills and are quite dominant in some way. There isn’t generally just one cause of why bullies are what they are, but it is associated with their community, peers, families and genetics. But it is something that can be prevented or dealt with, with the proper intervention.


As the time old saying goes, “violence is never the answer”. And we certainly believe that at Guardian MMA. Words and positive actions are the right way to resolve conflict. But sometimes your child may be in a situation where they have two choices, run away or fight. But what do they do? There are many options, but will your child react with confidence and precision or fear and confusion?

Fitness For Life

For children, sedentary lifestyles and bad eating habits are becoming rampant in the U.S. And if we’re being honest, the parents are to blame. They choose not to demand that their kids are physically active and eat properly. We in Tennessee are in the top 10 states for obesity. We can prevent or change this statistic. Keep in mind, that this is a choice. What choices are you making for your child?

Encouraging Curiosity

Children are naturally inquisitive little monsters. They ask questions and then ask more. This curiosity and intrigue are quite important in a child’s growth. One question leads to something that is amazing to them, which can lead to new worlds of ideas. Unfortunately, kids’ interest for new things and adventure can fade over time if not fostered and nurtured.