Everyone wants to better themselves and be the best person they can be. However most people don't act on those wishes, and they remain that... wishes. With our Honorable Path, we focus on many of the aspects in life that can be improved. They all have direct comparisons to martial arts training. If you've decided to quit talking about self-improvement and want to talk to us about how we may help, then feel free to contact us any time, or simply sign up for our Honorable Path emails that explain more about what we teach and how we may help you.

By signing up for more information, you will receive tried-and-true tips that we use at our academy that should help you as well. However, if you would like to contact us immediately, visit our contact page. You will receive tips on the following:


Your self-esteem is very important to you. It is what lets you interact with people and handle tough situations. It is also what gives you the confidence to try new things and accept failure as a learning opportunity. With our Honorable Path Program, you'll learn what it takes to gain a higher self-esteem and what to do to protect it from self-doubt.


We hear all the time about how people want to exercise more, eat better, finish their degree and generally do as they know they should. Self-discipline is a learned behavior. Even as adults, you can make the needed changes to ensure that you do what is right, as opposed to what is best right now. In other words, being lazy and complacent. We can help make those life changing attitudes real.

Dealing With Confrontation

Whether it is in the parking lot at a restaurant, a concert or even in your own front yard, you will eventually find yourself in a confrontation. This can be of the physical or verbal variety. Lack of control or fear can produce some very real and serious consequences. What will you do? How will you react to the aggression and hostility of others? We can prepare you for the right decisions.

Controlling Your Dominating Attitude

Nobody wants to think of themselves as an antagonizer or bully. But guess what; there are tons of these people out there. They generally have poor social skills and dominant traits. There isn’t generally just one cause of why these people are what they are. But we know where it likely comes from. The good news, is that it is never too late to make a life-change!


As the time old saying goes, violence is never the answer. We certainly subscribe to that concept at Guardian MMA. Words and positive actions are the proper responses to resolve conflict. However, sometimes you may be in a situation where you have no option but to fight. But what do you do? How do you do just enough to stop an attacker or be able to run away? We can prepare you for this.

Fitness For Life

For a large portion of adults in the U.S., sedentary lifestyles and bad eating habits are becoming absolutely rampant And if we’re being honest, the individuals themselves are to blame. They choose not to be physically active and eat properly. But keep in mind, that this is a choice. What choices are you making? Who is there backing you up and pushing you?

Finding Your Inner-Child Curiosity

As a child, you were a naturally inquisitive creature. You asked questions and then asked more. This curiosity and intrigue are important. But somewhere, that may have changed in you. Perhaps you’ve become complacent and just lost "that something". New interests have give way to the TV and browsing the net all day. Fortunately, your inner-child curiosity can be brought back with a vengeance.